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February 10th, 2019    

Episode 261: Talking Tech with Dianna Fryer

It is the beginning of a new year for this show. With that milestone comes the new changes. In this episode of From Radioland, Ric sits down with the General Manager of Pirate Radio Studios, Inc. to talk about how technology seems to have sucked the fun right out various industries. With that, how to inject humans back into the radio business. Of course, when you put a person into anything, you are inviting some sort of catastrophe. Plus, the addition of a new element in the show, Playing Favorites.

NEXT WEEK: Talking about the weather (among other things) with Austen Onek.



February 3rd, 2019    

Episode 260: Benny Turner & Cash McCall

This episode marks the last episode of year 5 of this show. Ric will lay out the future of From Radioland and what to expect as we begin production of the 6th year. Also in this very special episode, new music and a great conversation with 2 blues legends, Benny Turner and Cash McCall and how not seeing each other for over 40 years put these two gentlemen back in the studio for their brand new CD. Plus, you'll hear some of the cuts from this new collection of songs and some of the stories as to how it was made.

NEXT WEEK: Technology sucking the fun out of everything with Dianna Fryer


January 27th, 2019    

Episode 259: The Lizzard Kings

In this episode, Ric lays out (a bit of) the changes coming to this show. After nearly 5 years of production, things are going to be a bit different. Think of it as more of an expansion than anything else. "The growth of the show has always been in the minds around here even when something like what we have been doing has taken a life of it's own.", Ric says. "Sure, changing a show like this can make for some nervous listeners and we have kept that in mind. Having said that, you would be safe to think of all of this as nothing more than a growth of the show. You'll have to keep listening to learn more." Also in this episode, an in studio performance and sampling of the new CD from The Lizzard Kings.

NEXT WEEK: Benny Turner & Cash McCall


January 20th, 2019    

Episode 258: John Nemeth

Long time friend of the Radio Memphis, John Nemeth sits down with Ric and company to talk about his giant van, getting censored over a pickle and performing on the road. John brought a guitarist named Aubrey and Radio Memphis brought a drummer named Willie and some really fun stuff happened in the studio. Also in this episode, Ric talks about the weather and has figured out what happens in Memphis grocery stores when the snow announcement hits the air.

NEXT WEEK: The Lizzard Kings



January 13th, 2019    

Episode 257: Back From Europe with Low Society

As a working Memphis band, what is it like to do the European music scene? You are going to find out. In this episode, Ric and Jeff sat down with Low Society's Mandy and Sturgis Nikides to hear of their travels from their most recent trip to Europe. Plus, you will get to discover a new act with Radio Memphis since Sturgis produced them, brand new music will be played here. Plus, Manyd and Sturgis play a few songs in the studio.

NEXT WEEK: John Nemeth has a big van.


January 6th, 2019    

Episode 256: The Post Holiday Blues

Yeah, we know the holiday season has come and gone. But that doesn't mean we can't take a little look back at what happened on the air the Sunday before Christmas. Not all of it had anything to do with the season, really. In fact, it was the return of Tlaxica and this time with her musical partner, Pope. They told some stories from the road and played a few songs. Also in this show, long time friend of Radio Memphis, Zeke Johnson came to talk a bit about the way he sees Christmas and he shares what is probably one of the most heart warming and remarkable Christmas stories you will ever hear. Every word of it being true.

NEXT WEEK: Back from Europe, Low Society 


December 30th, 2018    

Episode 255: Memphis Deep

Bob Kelsey, Leroy Clay and David Dunn make up this great blues trio. In this episode, Ric sat down with the band to hear some stories from the road and some great music from this power trio. Also, since this is the last episode for 2018, Ric lays out some end of the year thoughts and what is on his mind about 2019. In that, he sees the mass Facebook exodus is leaving an unintended side effect. Plus, something new is coming From Radioland in the new year. 

NEXT WEEK: The return of Tlaxica this time with Pope and Zeke Johnson celebrates the holidays.


December 23rd, 2018    

Episode 254: Tlaxica

It would appear, as time goes on, more and more musicians are leaving their homes to settle in Memphis. Why is that? To be where the music is. That is part of the answer for sure. In this episode, Tlaxica from Tlaxica and Pope will answer that question in much more detail. Also, she managed to sneak onto the air a few tunes from their upcoming and unreleased EP. She is also quite well known in the gospel circles, too. It's her story and it's all right here.

NEXT WEEK: Memphis Deep


December 16th, 2018    

Episode 253: Danuel Gales, Eric Gales, Singa B & Robert Allen Parker

Not one but two of the famous Gales Brothers made an appearance in the Radio Memphis studios. Danuel came in with guitarist Singa B to talk blues and to play a couple of cuts from the Gales Brothers Left Hand Brand album. If it is one thing we have learned, Eric Gales likes apple pie. Then, a little later in this episode, Ric sat down with Robert Allen Parker. A real record store guy and a musician. He talked about his latest project of which you will hear some cuts from as well as what he has coming up very soon.

NEXT WEEK: Tlaxica & Pope minus Pope.


December 9th, 2018    

Episode 252: Brother Boulevard & Individual 1

Kyle Roberts and Gabriel Brown have put together a great duo act called Brother Boulevard. These two guys spent some time in the studio with Ric and told the story behind the name of the act and what it means to them. Also in this episode, you will hear some music from these two as they also talk about the process of writing music, performing it and how Kyle's mom has become their greatest fan. Plus, a little observation regarding Individual 1. 

NEXT WEEK: Danuel Gales, Eric Gales and Robert Allen Parker


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