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November 11th, 2018    

Episode 248: Andrea Staten

Andrea Staten spent some time with Ric and Natalie recently to talk about her love of North Mississippi Hill Country Blues and how she went from not playing her guitar to restarting. You'll hear her perform some of the songs that got her hooked on this style of blues music. Also, there is a rather amusing conversation about yoga and goats, among other things. Plus, Ric tells you about how his dog, Duke can't quite figure out the change from Daylight Savings to Standard time.

NEXT WEEK: Mark Anthony Lee & Willie Covington


November 4th, 2018    

Episode 247: Mick Kolassa & The Taylor Made Blues Band

"Free Range Blues" is a term you will hear about in this episode as Mick and the band demonstrate that very notion. You've heard Mick before, now hear the band. These guys are a lot of fun and you'll probably learn a few things along the way. Also in this episode, Ric discovered what one local radio station decided to do on Halloween. It involves the despicable act of celebrating one day in December at the end of October. A little rant is in this episode.

NEXT WEEK: Andrea Staten


October 28th, 2018    

Episode 246: Dr. Feelgood Potts & Sheba Potts-Wright

The Potts family is quite the musical force to contend with. Dr. Feelgood Potts moved his family to Memphis in 1967 to get into the music scene. It was good move as he wrote and recorded several hits for himself and a few others. Also his daughter, Sheba has quite the story to tell and you'll hear that as well. Plus, you'll hear some of the music the Potts's have done together and separately through the years. 


October 21st, 2018    

Episode 245: Minister Suhkara Yahweh (Sweet Willie Wine)

Historically, Memphis has found itself in the center of several things. One of the more important notes in history occurred during the civil rights movement. In this episode, Ric sits down with Minister Suhkara Yahweh who was once known as Sweet Willie Wine. Fresh out of prison, he found himself in Memphis with a purpose. He also found himself within earshot of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Minister Yahweh's story is interesting, to say the least and his story is fascinating and you will hear it on this episode.

NEXT WEEK: Dr. Feelgood Potts & Sheba Potts-Wright


October 14th, 2018    

Episode 244: The Italian Job & The Juke Joint Allstars

In this show, 2 acts came into the studio for an appearance. One of them came all the way from Italy. Massimo Bevilacqua and Gloria Turrini. They are currently tourning the U.S. for the next several weeks and could be coming to a city near you. Also on this episode, a band with 100 members. Long time Memphis act The Juke Joint Allstars. You'll hear their story and hear a great performance this legendary band. Plus, Ric got out in public and it was a large time. 

NEXT WEEK: Minister Shakura Yahweh


October 7th, 2018    

Episode 243: Scott Bomar & Howard Grimes

Long time friend of the show Howard Grimes came to the studio and brought a friend. Memphis musician Scott Bomar of the Bo-Keys. In this episode, Ric talks with the two musicians about Memphis music and the impact they have made on the scene over the years. Plus, you'll hear some of the music these guys have collaborated on including a tune from Cyndi Lauper's record she made here in Memphis. Also, the scourge of Facebook Messenger.

NEXT WEEK: The Italian Job & The Juke Joint Allstars


September 30th, 2018    

Episode 242: Tom Graves on Robert Johnson

In this episode Ric and Jeff sat down with author Tom Graves who wrote Crossroads: The Life and Afterlife of Blues Legend Robert Johnson. They celebrated the life and times of Robert Johnson and dispelled some of the myths surrounding the legendary musician. You'll hear some of those stories and some of the music Johnson left behind. Grab a beverage and celebrate along with everyone who was in the room that night and learn why the show is called Booze & Blues. 

NEXT WEEK: Scott Bomar and Howard Grimes


September 23rd, 2018    

Episode 241: The Talented Daughter of Eddie Taylor. Brenda

Eddie Taylor was quite the bluesman. His story is fantastic rivaled only by his daughter, Brenda. Brenda Taylor drove to Memphis from Chicago specifically to be on the Booze & Blues show at Radio Memphis. Her childhood was something very special and she'll tell you about that in this episode. Also, she sang with the Radio Memphis Studio Orchestra. Who might that be? Willie Hall (drums), Judge Booker (bass) and Brad Webb (guitar). It was a great time and you'll get to hear all of it right here.

NEXT WEEK: Tom Graves sorts out Robert Johnson


September 16th, 2018    

Episode 240: Keith Douglas & Duwayne Burnside

In a From Radioland first, we have two separate guests in one episode. First up, from the band Tora Tora, guitarist Keith Douglas sat down with Ric to talk a little about the history of the band over the years and to share the exciting news about a brand new album headed your way very soon. Then things get rather wild when Duwayne Burnside sits in the studio with Ric and Jeff to talk about his new album coming out among some other exciting things. Duwayne and his band performed in studio and you'll hear those songs and all the crazy moments we had in the studio.

NEXT WEEK: Brenda Taylor, the daughter of Eddie Taylor


September 9th, 2018    

Episode 239: Ms. Zeno The Mojo Queen

This episode is a little different. It was decided we would do a CD release show on the air at Radio Memphis during the Booze & Blues show. At Ms. Zeno's request, we are making the entire thing public including the songs from her latest CD called Back in Love. You'll hear some of the stories about how this project was recorded, how some of the songs were written and how Ms. Zeno is perched to take the world by storm as one of the premiere singers from Memphis.

NEXT WEEK: Keith Douglas from Tora Tora


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