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January 23rd, 2022    

Episode 412: The Stream is Deep

A lot of cord cutters are standing around scratching their heads wonder what the hell just happened? Netflix, within their corporate greed decided to raise their rates. It is kind of a hard pill to swallow. Even though it's just a couple of bucks, $3.6 Billion a month is clearly not enough for this company. The rate hike bit them in the ass, too. Just this week, their stock price dropped 41%. That's a bunch. Some estimates claim they lost $20 Billion in a matter of a few hours. How greedy must you be to put out shitty programming for that kind of money? Also in this episode, Ric explains what happened when I guy got killed near the Radio Memphis parking lot. He caught a train. Apparently, he came a part over the whole thing. 

NEXT WEEK: Cryptocurrency Is Not Fun Anymore

January 17th, 2022    

Episode 411: Quit Your Job

Are you a part of The Great Resignation? Have you had enough of "the man" putting the hobnailed boot of corporate oppression on your neck? Join the American movement to stick it to the system! In this episode, Ric takes a look at the trend that is making serious waves among the labor force. It appears that a sizable chunk of you have taken enough of the bullshit. We are all in a situation where capitalism has turned into a hostage situation and we seem to have fallen into the Stockholm Syndrome. It has been a long time coming and it took a pandemic to realize Mondays don't suck, its your job that sucks. It ain't for everyone, but for most the death of the middle class is a stark reminder of just how boned we all are.

NEXT WEEK: The Stream is Deep

January 9th, 2022    

Episode 410: The BBQ Blues

Ric is apparently getting a new neighbor. Normally, this would not be that big of a deal as he tends to welcome all new businesses in his neighborhood. This one though, seems to come with a built in annoyance. In this episode, Ric will tell you about yet another BBQ joint moving across the street. A Texas style BBQ thing with plans to build a large smoker that will fill the area (and Ric's living room) with the smell of smoked cow. Upon further investigation, there seems to be so much more to the situation than meets the eye. There is an interesting point here to be made for sure. It would appear someone wasn't thinking this all the way through. Not to mention the very true nature of one's reputation preceding himself. As Ric will tell you, this is probably not going to end well.

NEXT WEEK: Putting the Nation into The Great Resignation

December 26th, 2021    

Episode 409: The Mansplaination

This is the final episode of the year 2021. As we turn the calendar page over to 2022, Ric has some interesting thoughts going into the new year. One of which is how our everyday language seems to affect those around us. Yes, there are some things that really are better left unsaid. Consider those old faux pas things relics of an uneducated past. However, as the pendulum swings back around, people are becoming a little too sensitive about the way certain things are discussed. Almost to the point where manufactured outrage occurs. It is in this spot where Ric has come to the conclusion that having any discussion with a woman is next to impossible. He mansplains in this episode.

NEXT WEEK: The Reckoning of 2022

December 19th, 2021    

Episode 408: Subscribe to This

In this episode, Ric takes a look at the new financial model we are having to contend with. The notion we are subscribed to everything. It would appear that gone are the days when you wanted something, you merely accessed it and then paid for it. Not any more. Now, you can subscribe to just about anything. Nothing is out of reach and nothing is off limits. Even your dog can have a subscription to a monthly delivery of stuff. Think of it as being nickle and dimed to death. 

NEXT WEEK: The End of The Year

December 12th, 2021    

Episode 407: Tumbleweeds and Dead Cactus

How many websites do you think the average person visits on a daily basis? For nearly 20 years, our society has had to come to grips with all the things the world wide web had to offer. In this episode, Ric re-visits the notion of what "the information super highway" was supposed to bring to humanity and then takes a comparison of what we all have today. Pretty stark difference. Which begs the question, what lies ahead. Considering how oddly narrow the focus of the internet has become, what the future holds seems just as narrow.

NEXT WEEK: Going Deep

December 5th, 2021    

Episode 406: What Do You Need?

We often find ourselves in a position when we feel we need something. Rare is the time when we say something like, "I have everything I need." These days, we all seem to be needing some rather important things. Perhaps, this holiday season we'll be able to get a little better grip on the things we all need. What are those things? In this episode, Ric takes a look at some of the things we seem to need as a society. The problem is, when what we really need shows up, there is always some jackass who makes it known that whatever that thing is, is something we DON'T need. 

NEXT WEEK: Tumbleweeds and Dead Cactus

November 28th, 2021    

Episode 405: $1.82

In this episode, Ric asks what has happened to the idyllic world of streaming television. It has (as predicted on this show) devolved into what cable television used to be. Package based television filled with nickle and dime deals where all of a sudden, we are all paying about what we used to pay when we were tethered to the coaxial cable. All for what? The same (if not worse) entertainment experiences. If you really want to get down to the nuts and bolts of the thing, ask a sports fan just how bad it has become.

NEXT WEEK: Necessity Truly is The Mother of Invention

November 21st, 2021    

Episode 404: What A Dump

It's an unpopular topic to get into but, Ric has decided to take on a little bit of a discussion regarding Climate Change. In the wake of the COP26 Meeting in Glasgow, what got accomplished? Anything? More importantly, what can you do about the situation? Anything? Maybe. There are a lot of questions out there with very few answers. In this episode, Ric ponders these things. One thing that is certainly not in question is that the world we live in has turned into a bit of a dump.

NEXT WEEK: Streaming TV Is Getting Out of Hand

November 14th, 2021    

Episode 403: That‘s Crazy Talk

Although this episode could have been titled "Don't Eat The Vapo Rub", you are going to hear in this episode is kind of a metaphor. Ric takes a look at how the absolute insane things that are being said about virtually everything has been given some sort of a strange level of credibility. This in not a good thing. Unless you are a comic. But even then, the absolute ridiculous things you see and hear from people have become downright dangerous. Some might say they are frightened by such talk but, as Ric points out in this episode, usually the ridiculous is absolutely amusing.

NEXT WEEK: We Live With The Garbage

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