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May 7th, 2017    

Episode 169: O Mother, Where Art Thou?

Conventions are things some of you may attend from time to time. They are a large part of the collective population and their individual proclivities. In this episode, Ric tells of his encounter with some convention attendees in downtown Memphis. Sure, there are conventions for EVERYTHING. This one is no exception except it seems particulary frightening. Plus music from Heather Bond.

NEXT WEEK: There is a rather large broadcasting company in the midst of its death throes. Plus, music from Her Majesty's Buzz.



April 30th, 2017    

Episode 168: The Cult of Personality

Part of being in show business is being that one person the audience wants. How is this done? Aren't show business people exactly who they appear to be? Do you mean the people I see and hear aren't like this outside of their jobs? In this episode, Ric will explain how this works and will answer all of those questions and more based on his own personal experiences. Plus music from Brandon Santini.

NEXT WEEK: Mommy Con and music from Heather Bond.



April 23rd, 2017    

Episode 167: The Sign Says “Closed”

In this continuing series of episodes related to the impact of int he internet on our world, this final chapter of the examination takes a look at how the retail industry is dying. Remarkably, the retail corporation runners still won't state the obvious and blames the economy for their woes. In this episode, Ric figures out there will still be somethings you'll never be able to get via the internet. Plus music from Al Kapone.

NEXT WEEK: The cult of personality and music from Brandon Santini.



April 16th, 2017    

Episode 166: FM Sucks

As the terrestrial radio industry continues its painfully slow decline into oblivian, an observation as the state of AM and FM radio. It's not looking good, frankly. In this episode, Ric takes a realistic look at how the industry of corporate driven radio seems to be against the ropes. In this continuing series of episodes looking at how the internet is changing everything in the world, the one thing we have all taken for granted is just about to power down for the last time. Plus music from Davis Coen.

NEXT WEEK: It's like a Shakesperan tragedy. Plus music from Al Kapone.



April 9th, 2017    

Episode 165: Stop The Presses

The far reach of the internet and the "damage" it has imparted on many industies continues to be an interesting story. Media of course, has taken the most damage. Or as the case may be, forcing old styles of delivering content to evolve. In this episode, Ric takes a look at how the major newspaper in Memphis has handled this evolution. Plus music from Dory Drive.

NEXT WEEK: The battle on the air no one is paying attention to. Also, music from Davis Coen.


April 2nd, 2017    

Episode 164: The NAB is Wrong

The National Association of Broadasters is a lobby group. They represent terrestrial radio stations here in the Unite States. Somehow, Ric has been added to their list of broadcasters. The problem with this is the simple fact, Radio Memphis is not a terrestrial station. In this episode Ric looks at the NAB and discovers a basic truth. These people are in the dark. Plus, music from Chinese Connection Dub Embassy. 

NEXT WEEK: Stop the presses, no really, turn them off. Plus music from Dory Drive


March 26th, 2017    

Episode 163: When TV Goes Bad

Television gets quite the bad rap sometimes. Most of the time it is deserved. But is it all really that bad? In this episode, Ric tells about being held hostage (so to speak) by bad television. The question is this though, is it really that bad? The answer is not a very easy one once you consider that most of us judge stuff by comparison. When you do that, all the bets are off. Plus music from The Glass.

NEXT WEEK: The National Association of Broadcasters sent in some mail. Plus music from Chinese Connection Dub Embassy.


March 19th, 2017    

Episode 162: Bad Commercials

Ric got exposed to some broadcast television. It didn't go well. But it did bring to mind the state of the advertising in the broadcast industry. Commercials are what make radio and television work. This is not a bad thing. What is bad is the incredibly sad state of affairs regarding the quality of these ads. In word, they are horrible. In this episode, Ric will tell you about what makes a decent commercial. It's fairly easy. Just don't do what is on the air now. Plus, music from Trash The Brand. 

NEXT WEEK: Television programming gone wrong.



March 12th, 2017    

Episode 161: An Existential Crisis

We all know how hard it is to make it in this world. There are setbacks, challenges and the overall coping with society at times. In this episode, Ric has had a rough week and has a moment based on a picture and the virtual trip to an incredibly remote place and how it relates to all of us. It is a positive thing, though. Once we realize exactly where we stand in the universe it seems, there is a little moment of clarity. That is a good thing. Plus music from Tiger High.

NEXT WEEK: What used to be the beauty of good advertising. Plus music from Trash The Brand.




March 5th, 2017    

Episode 160: The Internal Interview

We all do it, we ask ourselves a lot of difficult questions. Do we ever have the answers? That is is the real question. In this episode, Ric gets a little dark and delves into the important questions we tend to ask ourselves. It doesn't matter what you do in your lives. Coming from the world of entertainment, Ric has a slightly different take on the matter. Plus music from Objekt 12.

NEXT WEEK: You are all really small. Plus music from Tiger High.



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