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September 10th, 2017    

Episode 187: That Guy Is a Problem

Borrowing from the Radio Memphis in The Morning bit, How Not To Be That Guy, Ric seems to have a problem with what some people are actually doing in the real world. What started out as a simple observation of some of the silly and harmless, yet stupid things people do ever once in a while has become what seems to be standard unapologetic behavior. Which begs the question, has there always been the same percentage of people in our society that are That Guy or is it we just see more of them? Plus music from Every Mother's Nightmare.

NEXT WEEK: Judge, Jury & Executioner. Plus music from Fresh Flesh.


September 3rd, 2017    

Episode 186: Things Fall Apart

The internet famous have finally come to a strange crossroads. These kids on YouTube apparently can't deal with their self inclicted stardom and the pressures of creating meaningful content. Really? These people never paid attention to the inherent difficulties show business is wrought with. Now they are faced with such difficulties and are melting down. Publically. In this episode, Ric has some kind words of support for these people. Well, maybe not "kind" per se, but important. Plus music from Low Society.

NEXT WEEK: That Guy. Plus music from Every Mother's Nightmare.


August 27th, 2017    

Episode 185: Going Where I Shouldn’t Have Been

You know that feeling you get when you go to some place where you really shouldn't be? The thing about that feeling is that it is interesting experience. In this episode, Ric got that experience. Although he sort of had authorization, he got to go where few people get to see. Not that it is anything truly special but, getting to go into the storeroom of a grocery store is truly kind of special. Particularly when you get to see the space where all the beer is kept. Plus music from Carlos Ecos Band.

NEXT WEEK: The internet famous are falling apart. Plus music from Low Society.



August 20th, 2017    

Episode 184: The Battering Ram Of The Trademark

There comes a point when every artist needs to deal with the minutia of the business of show business. For the most part, their work falls within two places; copyright and trademark. In this episode, Ric sits down with Dianna Fryer and discusses the differences between a Copyright and a Trademark. It is a substantial difference. If you are an artist, you need to know this. The reason? Ask yourself this question, is what I have created original? Let's take a look. Plus music from Kazha.

NEXT WEEK: Behind the great grocery curtain. Plus music from Carlos Ecos Band. 




August 13th, 2017    

Episode 183: Unoriginal Creativity

The greatest gathering place for all humans (with access) is Facebook. The social media platform despite what you may think, fosters creativity. We've had this thing for awhile and yet, ask yourself this, "Have I seen anything like this before?" You probably have. 90% of the time. In this episode, Ric looks at the vacuum of creativity existing in this platform. He has talked about this before, but not to this extent. It would appear we have all arrived at the comfortable port of mediocrity. Plus music from Rachel Wise.

NEXT WEEK: Copyright my Trademark or is it Trademark my Copymark? Plus music from Kahza. 


August 6th, 2017    

Episode 182: Buying Your Friends

You have probably heard about the quiet trend in social media. It is where you are judged by how many followers or friends you have. So, to make themselves look good and hot, they acquire their friends. How? You buy them, silly. In this episode Ric breaks it down on how it is done and how some pages are so full of imitation likes and followers, it is pretty obvious. You'll also learn how to spot them. Plus music from Bean.

NEXT WEEK: How is it we are all connected and yet there is nothing new to share? Plus music from Rachel Wise.


July 30th, 2017    

Episode 181: Touched By The Long Arm of The Law

It's an interesting slice of Americana. The occasional notice from the government where your service has been requested. Well, actually demanded. In this episode, Ric gets the notice most people hate. Jury duty summons. The question remains, why would someone actually hate this? It is the civic duty of most Americans to be called upon to decide the fate of others in the court of law. It's a heavy responsibility that for a lot people, don't want any part of. God help you if you have to depend on the members of a jury who were too stupid to figure out how to get out of doing their duty. Maybe you should reconsider that. At least, not have any room to bitch about the laws of the land when they don't take part in the process. Plus music from Andrew Cabigao.

NEXT WEEK: My Fake Friends and music from Bean.



July 23rd, 2017    

Episode 180: The Facebook Show

On July 20, 2017, Ric took to Facebook Live and recorded this episode. If you missed it, fear not. Here is that episode. If you saw it, this episode contains a few things you didn't see. There is something for everyone here. The focus of this episode is the discussion of the realities of how deep Facebook actually reaches. It seems substantial. Or, is it? Have we made more out of Facebook than what it deserves? Does it have the ability to affect groups and individuals as far as we have been led to believe? Also in this episode, music from Lightnin' Malcolm.

NEXT WEEK: Ric got something in the mail. Plus music from Andrew Cabigao



July 16th, 2017    

Episode 179: Literally Playing With The Radio

In it's day, AM/FM radio was all the rage. Now, it is a mere shell of itself. Thanks to massive corporate ineptitude. In this episode, Ric gets to play with an actual AM/FM radio. This is kind of a big deal since Ric hasn't spent anytime with one for about 6 years. Have things changed? They sure have. For the better? Nope. You'll get to hear what he hears as he takes some time to listen to what is happening right now on the thing. Ric will also talk about what happened to what was once a magnificent industry. Plus, music from Booker Brown.

NEXT WEEK: The Facebook live show. 8:00PM Thursday, 20 July, 2017. Join Ric on his Facebook page to take part in a special live taping of From Radioland. 


July 9th, 2017    

Episode 178: Do Something

What is it that you do? What does anyone do? These questions aren't about your job. Not your occupation. What is it that you do outside of your everyday thing? In this episode, Ric talks about these very things as they relate to his own place in the world. In the past there has been the discussion or two about the audience doubling as a therapist (of sorts), here's more on the subject. Also in this episode, music from Davy Ray & The Janks.

NEXT WEEK: Not recognized while the light is on. Plus music from Booker Brown.


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