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July 16th, 2017    

Episode 179: Literally Playing With The Radio

In it's day, AM/FM radio was all the rage. Now, it is a mere shell of itself. Thanks to massive corporate ineptitude. In this episode, Ric gets to play with an actual AM/FM radio. This is kind of a big deal since Ric hasn't spent anytime with one for about 6 years. Have things changed? They sure have. For the better? Nope. You'll get to hear what he hears as he takes some time to listen to what is happening right now on the thing. Ric will also talk about what happened to what was once a magnificent industry. Plus, music from Booker Brown.

NEXT WEEK: The Facebook live show. 8:00PM Thursday, 20 July, 2017. Join Ric on his Facebook page to take part in a special live taping of From Radioland. 


July 9th, 2017    

Episode 178: Do Something

What is it that you do? What does anyone do? These questions aren't about your job. Not your occupation. What is it that you do outside of your everyday thing? In this episode, Ric talks about these very things as they relate to his own place in the world. In the past there has been the discussion or two about the audience doubling as a therapist (of sorts), here's more on the subject. Also in this episode, music from Davy Ray & The Janks.

NEXT WEEK: Not recognized while the light is on. Plus music from Booker Brown.


July 2nd, 2017    

Episode 177: Back In The Saddle

After under going some studio upgrades in Studio A, From Radioland is back in the studio with an interesting discussion regarding that one moment when we have all had enough of something. In this episode, Ric tells his story about reaching that threshold in a rather public way and ultimately fulfilling the fantasy of many people. Quitting a job right on the spot and managing to tell the boss the "F You Story". Also in this episode, a reminder that the customer is not always right. Plus music from Solarflairs.

NEXT WEEK: Playing catch up and working toward the upcoming Facebook live episode coming soon.


June 25th, 2017    

Episode 176: Quality Control

Recorded in one studio and edited in another, the irony here is not missed. In this episode Ric talks about a recent trip to a restaurant that was unable to meet certain expectations and the concept of appealing to the masses. Sadly, this business model is used in all sorts of aspects and creates a sense of blandness. Is this the American way of life now? Being bland? Plus music from Lions For Real.

NEXT WEEK: Back in the saddle.


June 18th, 2017    

Episode 175: Strange Things & Their Existence

Studio A is undergoing some upgrades. Because of that, From Radioland is out of that studio. This time, in the same room as Radio Memphis. The much talked about Studio B. In this episode, Dianna Fryer sits down with Ric to talk about new programming coming to Radio Memphis among a vast array of things. Plus music from Ghoultown.

NEXT WEEK: A matter of quality control. 


June 11th, 2017    

Episode 174: No Apologies

In this special episode From Radioland, Ric talks candidly about comedians and others who make (or do) ridiculous jokes or say inappropriate things. Then, immediately turn around and apologize for them. As Ric will tell you, this is not always the thing to do. "If you have to apologize for something, you shouldn't have said it or done in the first place." 

NOTE: This episode is running without our sponsors and a band due to the extreme nature of this show in particular. This was a decision to isolate those from an episode many might find offensive. We don't speak on behalf of the bands or our sponsors and we decided to give them a week off. 

NEXT WEEK: What are we competing against? Plus music from Bean.




June 4th, 2017    

Episode 173: Blow Me Down

The weather got you down? It could be worse and for many in Memphis it was pretty bad. The third worst power outage in the modern history of the city occurred. Nearly a third of the city was plunged into darkness and as of the publishing of this episode, there are still a few dealing with the aftermath of the Week The Lights Went Out in Memphis. Plus music from Donnell London.

NEXT WEEK: Pitchforks and torches to the funny people. A special episode From Radioland.


May 30th, 2017    

Episode 172: You Ain’t Got It, Kid

There are people out there who like to claim they are in "the biz". This depraved group of people, thankfully a small group, are people who make these ridiculous statements when they have zero credibility to such claims. In this episode, Ric talks about these people who want to be in show business without paying their dues in real world experience and all the other little trappings that make the business what it is. According to Ric, these are people with a certain psychological problem. Also in this episode, you aren't hearing things. There is a mouthy cat in the studio. Plus music from Oliveria.

NEXT WEEK: The reason why this week's episode was late getting posted. An actual weather delay plus music from Donnell London.



May 21st, 2017    

Episode 171: All Hail The Morons

They are all around us, everyday. Every where we go, we see them. Sometimes we take pity on them. Most of the time we just do our best to ignore them. And sometimes, that is not even possible. In this episode, Ric talks about his inability to suffer the moronic who walk among us. We shall all marvel at the incredible sight of the simple morons who have been placed in some sort of authority. Plus, music from Bluff City Backsliders.

NEXT WEEK: Fake show business people and music from Oliveria.


May 14th, 2017    

Episode 170: Mistakes Were Made

There is a massive change happening in the broadcast business right now. I Heart Media (formerly Clear Channel Communications) is about to go away. They even admitted the news to be true. In this episode Ric speaks from his experience with the Evil Empire and how for years, they had been orchestrating their own demise. This is the biggest domino to fall and will change how you, the consumer will be impacted. Plus music from Her Majesty's Buzz.

NEXT WEEK: Morons. Plus music from The Bluff City Backsliders.



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