Episode 179: Literally Playing With The Radio

In it's day, AM/FM radio was all the rage. Now, it is a mere shell of itself. Thanks to massive corporate ineptitude. In this episode, Ric gets to play with an actual AM/FM radio. This is kind of a big deal since Ric hasn't spent anytime with one for about 6 years. Have things changed? They sure have. For the better? Nope. You'll get to hear what he hears as he takes some time to listen to what is happening right now on the thing. Ric will also talk about what happened to what was once a magnificent industry. Plus, music from Booker Brown.

NEXT WEEK: The Facebook live show. 8:00PM Thursday, 20 July, 2017. Join Ric on his Facebook page to take part in a special live taping of From Radioland. 

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