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November 19th, 2017    

Episode 197: Underground Memphis with Bill Bannister

For 30 years, Bill Bannister has been on the air in Memphis. He got his start with Sam Phillips. You know who he is. He stopped into Studio B at Radio Memphis for a conversation with Ric and Kate during the Radio Memphis in the Morning show to talk about his new project. Also, a call to all those who use the internet. The FCC is about to dismantle the Net Neutrality laws and you need to get involved. Plus music from Mojo Medicine Machine.

NEXT WEEK: Sitting on the front row of madness show. Plus music from Butch Mudbone.


November 12th, 2017    

Episode 196: People In Pants

When you go out in public, society would dictate you comport yourself in a manner which is not particularly offensive to the decorum of others. In this episode, Ric talks about a couple of recent trips into the public. These forays into the public eye are important not to mess up. Just ask a few certain people in Hollywood. For starters, don't be all handsey and stop talking about your junk. Plus music from Leo Leo.

NEXT WEEK: Cooking up something plus music from Mojo Medicine Machine.



November 5th, 2017    

Episode 195: Broadcast Slackers

New rules in play with the Federal Communications Commission will now allow your local radio station to operate without any local personalities or even cover local events. This is a pretty big deal. In this episode, Ric will explain what this means to you, the radio listener who might rely on your local stations to give you up to the minute information during some sort of emergency. This seems to be following the business pattern long established through history. As the industry begins to stumble, cannibalism begins to come into play. Eat the wounded to stay alive. Plus music from The Candy Company.

NEXT WEEK: Ric in public and stuff.


October 29th, 2017    

Episode 194: Tough Room

One might overhear a conversation where two people are complaining about how Memphis fans are the worst. They generally don't go to shows (especially when they have to pay a cover charge) and when they do, they complain. A lot. Yes, you don't have to go far to find a tough room. In this episode, Ric tells you about how tough a room can be in Memphis and what happens when a Memphis artist plays in another city. You won't be surprised by that answer. Plus music from Jupiter Stone.

NEXT WEEK: The irrelevance of the FCC. Plus music from The Candy Company.



October 22nd, 2017    

Episode 193: Dividing By Zero

Our nation has become divided. About EVERYTHING. It all started with who is currently in the White House. We as Americans sure like a good fight amongst ourselves, at least. Then there are those out there who say this not a good thing. In this episode, Ric will tell you he thinks this actually a good thing. We should be divided over a number of things. How is that a bad thing? Plus music from Pengea.

NEXT WEEK: Five dollars to make you holler. Plus music from Jupiter Stone.


October 15th, 2017    

Episode 192: An Evolution is Coming

From Radioland has been in production for a while now. This, in of itself is rather remarkable. Over the years, we have tinkered with the show. The production of this show has always been about tightening things up and making some specific changes along the way. The fact there is a gulf of difference from episode 1 and this one is testament to how much this show has changed. In this episode, Ric will tell you about some of the changes that are coming in the coming weeks. Plus music from Hardaway.

NEXT WEEK: Being divisive. Plus music from Pengea.


October 8th, 2017    

Episode 191: The Old Man’s Lemon Tree

It seems like a simple question. Why are some of the middle aged guys out there hell bent on growing a damn lemon tree? Think about it, there is a sub culture out there revolving around the apparent obsession of growing this little citrus tree. Is it some sort of weird mid-life crisis? Is it simply a matter of accomplishment? Or, is it because these guys need to have something useless to obsess over? In this episode, Ric delves into this weird slice of Americana to see what is going on. Plus music from The Rough Hearts.

NEXT WEEK: Producing From Radioland from the producer's chair. Plus music from Hardaway.



October 1st, 2017    

Episode 190: Ancient History

Perspective is a funny thing. Referring to "ancient history" depends upon how you were to define "ancient". Google turned 19 years old this year, for example. Planking was a thing around 8 years ago. Both things vastly different. 1 of these things seems as though it has been around longer than the other which seems happened long before Google. In this episode, Ric takes a look at this perspective and how it shapes the thoughts and actions of today's decision makers. Believe it or not, this shift in understanding the brief moments in history are affecting us all, right now. Plus music from Mark Edgar Stewart.

NEXT WEEK: The Old Man's Lemon Tree plus music from The Rough Hearts.


September 24th, 2017    

Episode 189: A Sense of Worth

What is your worth? We're not talking money here. One of the things we all have to contend with is this very notion. Are we defined by our lives? Does what we do every day matter to someone? What happens if I find what I like to do? Shouldn't I just give it away? There's a lot of questions. In this episode, Ric asks some more and discovers he really doesn't have any of the answers. Plus music from J.D. Reager.

NEXT WEEK: Ancient history. Around the time planking was a thing. Plus music from Mark Edgar Stuart.


September 17th, 2017    

Episode 188: Judgemental Bastard

Social commentary is what drives certain forms of entertainment. Even though we all do it, most of us don't overtly do it and certainly not in public. Ric is not this person. In this episode, Ric will talk about the limits by which we all live. Everyone has their price, right? The concept of this episode explores that very price. Along with what would make you cross the very line you have drawn? Plus, music from Fresh Flesh.

NEXT WEEK: A sense of worth. Plus music from J.D. Reager.


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