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July 15th, 2018    

Episode 231: The Architects of Memphis Music

Howard Grimes has been on this show several times. This time, he brought a couple of friends with him. Spencer & Percy Wiggins. This is a rather important show in that these three men have quite the story to tell when it comes to how the Memphis sound came to be and what it was like for young African-American performers on the road and in the studio. Along the way, these men were involved in some of the most iconic music in history. Plus, you'll hear some new gospel music that accurately defines that Memphis sound.

NEXT WEEK: Harold Beane, the most sampled guitar player in history.


July 8th, 2018    

Episode 230: The Customer Service Blues

We all have those nightmare stories we share after dealing with some large corporation who doesn't care about you as person, or as a number for that matter. It happened to Ric and he picked up a trick along the way in dealing with these infernal situations. There may be no way out and certainly impossible to avoid, but it turns out, the judicisous application of adult language at just the right time can be quite beneficial. Especially when talking to a robot. Also in this show, Gypsy Heartz.

NEXT WEEK: Howard Grimes and The Wiggins Brothers



July 1st, 2018    

Episode 229: The Seven Year Itch

Radio Memphis has been on the air for seven years. In this episode, Ric talks a little about those seven years and then a fun conversation and performance with Karen Altman Latham. Karen is a songwriter and performer from the Memphis area. She'll talk about the process she goes through when writing her music and various themes she explores within her music. 

NEXT WEEK: Gypsy Heartz


June 24th, 2018    

Episode 228: In The Absence of Reason

It would appear with all of the talk in the current news, the echo chambers and all the noise, there is something missing. In this episode, Ric thinks he knows what is wrong and the solution may be far simpler than we anticipate. It's all a matter of being reasonable. However, that very well may be too tall an order for cowards who hide behind their keyboards too afraid to actually speak what they write. Also in this episode, Sorianna Wood stops by for a conversation about songwriting and performance.

NEXT WEEK: Karen Altman Latham


June 17th, 2018    

Episode 227: Suffer The Children

Mark Wiklund is a Memphis singer/songwriter. His take on the making of music is quite refreshing. In this episode, Ric and Paul Crum sat down with Mark to discuss the art and how common themes can creep into an artist's catalogue. Also, Ric has some words regarding the holding of children hostage for politcal gain and will draw a simple line in the sand. Divisive? Probably.

NEXT WEEK: Sorianna Wood



June 10th, 2018    

Episode 226 - Massimo Bevilacqua Is A Machine

All the way from Rome, Italy, Massimo Bevilacqua stopped into the Radio Memphis studios for a chat and a performance of a few of his songs including a studio cut from his new CD Naked. He is a great guy, very talented and amusing soul who has seen the world and has a soft spot in his heart for Memphis. You'll find out why some people call him "The Machine". Also in this episode, the world kind of seems a little extra difficult these days, but guess what, there is some help.

NEXT WEEK: Mark Wiklund


June 3rd, 2018    

Episode 225: A Conversation with Robert Allen Parker

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Robert is a good example of what Memphis music is all about. He has been able to devote his life to the art and culture of our home. His humility and charm aside, he's a damn good guitar player and well-versed student of Memphis music as well as music from all over the country. Plus, there might be a spy in your home and you invited it inside.

NEXT WEEK: Massimo Bevilacqua From Rome to Memphis


May 27th, 2018    

Episode 224: The Delta Project and Uncomfortable Statements

Long time friends of Radio Memphis The Delta Project spent some quality time with Ric in the studio for some laughs, a great conversation and several songs from their catalogue. Also, Ric says a few things which tend to make people a little nervous. Unpopular thoughts are the key to all of our differences as a society. Going with the norm is not always a good thing as he explains here. 

NEXT WEEK: Robert Allen Parker


May 20th, 2018    

Episode 223: How To Lose an Election with Kieran Hilbert & Friends

If you were to run for some sort of political office, there are a couple of surefire ways that will cost you Ric's vote. One of which is downright creepy and happened to Ric. Also, Dianna Fryer sat down with Ric and Kieran Hilbert & Friends who came to Radio Memphis from Germany for a little chat and to play a few songs. These are the kind of international incidents which are considered good for everyone. 

NEXT WEEK: The Delta Project


May 13th, 2018    

Episode 222: This is America & Robert Kimbrough, Sr

Robert Kimbrough, Sr. comes from a rather prolific family of musicians. In this episode, Ric and Jeff spent some time with Robert and his band as they talked cotton patch soul blues, the culture around this style of music and the people making it happen. Also, several songs were performed and it was a large time. Also, Ric has some thoughts about the music video currently everyone is talking about.

NEXT WEEK: Kieran Hilbert came from Germany to play.



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