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May 27th, 2018    

Episode 224: The Delta Project and Uncomfortable Statements

Long time friends of Radio Memphis The Delta Project spent some quality time with Ric in the studio for some laughs, a great conversation and several songs from their catalogue. Also, Ric says a few things which tend to make people a little nervous. Unpopular thoughts are the key to all of our differences as a society. Going with the norm is not always a good thing as he explains here. 

NEXT WEEK: Robert Allen Parker


May 20th, 2018    

Episode 223: How To Lose an Election with Kieran Hilbert & Friends

If you were to run for some sort of political office, there are a couple of surefire ways that will cost you Ric's vote. One of which is downright creepy and happened to Ric. Also, Dianna Fryer sat down with Ric and Kieran Hilbert & Friends who came to Radio Memphis from Germany for a little chat and to play a few songs. These are the kind of international incidents which are considered good for everyone. 

NEXT WEEK: The Delta Project


May 13th, 2018    

Episode 222: This is America & Robert Kimbrough, Sr

Robert Kimbrough, Sr. comes from a rather prolific family of musicians. In this episode, Ric and Jeff spent some time with Robert and his band as they talked cotton patch soul blues, the culture around this style of music and the people making it happen. Also, several songs were performed and it was a large time. Also, Ric has some thoughts about the music video currently everyone is talking about.

NEXT WEEK: Kieran Hilbert came from Germany to play.



May 6th, 2018    

Episode 221: Kids These Days and Kenny Brown

Brewers and distillers have a solution for those who can't hold their liquor, they are making weaker beverages to cater to millennials. Seriously. In this episode, Ric takes a look at the new trend and explains how social media is controlling this market of people who can't drink responsibly. Also, Ric and Jeff sit down with Kenny Brown and his band. Hill Country Blues in on the menu this time out.

NEXT WEEK: Robert Kimbrough, Sr.



April 29th, 2018    

Episode 220: Liz Mandeville Plus, Talking Dirty with Siri

Siri has an interesting trick. At least as of the publication of this episode. In this episode, Ric will tell you what you do if you want Siri to say something really dirty. Just make sure the kids aren't around. Anyway, you'll get a demonstration in this episode that is completely unedited. Also on this show, the lovely Liz Mandeville stopped in to the Radio Memphis studios from Chicago. Aside from talking about the weather, Ric and Jeff had a large time with Liz and her guitar. 

NEXT WEEK: Kenny Brown


April 22nd, 2018    

Episode 219: The Software Blues with Watermelon Slim & The Workers

Radio Memphis has undergone a bunch of new changes. It still is, as a matter of fact. These changes have not come without issues. There ae always gremlins in the works that have to be hunted down and dealt with. In this episode, Ric lays it out a little. Also in this episode, Ric and Jeff sit down with Watermelon Slim & The Workers for a great conversation and a few tunes plus an interesting look at life from the eyes of a man who has certainly lived through a bunch of it.

NEXT WEEK: Liz Mandeville


April 15th, 2018    

Episode 218: An Evening with Howard Grimes

This is a longer episode than usual. There is a very good reaon for this. As the title says, it was an evening with the great Howard Grimes. Ric sat down with Howard on Easter Sunday. Dianna Fryer joins the conversation and they got to take part in a funny and often touching conversation with one of the men who built "that Memphis sound". Set some time aside and enjoy this truly remarkable conversation with one of the greatest drummers in the world.

NEXT WEEK: Watermelon Slim



April 8th, 2018    

Episode 217: A Numbers Game and Something Better & Sara Williams

The long con has been on our back for a while it seems. Those who have played those games on Facebook wound up getting your data sold to the Russians (and others). Do you really think those posts were there for your amusement? In the age of not being able to trust anyone, your beloved Facebook is about to get fined fairly heavily as the exodous of users find their way out. Also in this episode, Riv visits with Josh and Stacy. Plus, a little later on, some quality time with the very talented Sara Williams.

NEXT WEEK: Howard Grimes


April 1st, 2018    

Episode 216: No Foolin’ & The Memphis Snake Doctors

There is no April Fool's joke, here. In this episode, Ric talks about how real news sort of killed the longstanding gag in some news outlets of releasing some sort of joke piece. Apparently, people are too quick and gullible to believe anything. This is why we are in the current state of affairs we are in. Also ion this show, an evening with The Memphis Snake Doctors.

NEXT WEEK: Something Different.  


March 25th, 2018    

Episode 215: It Is Smart Radio, Damnit & The Daddy Mack Blues Band

We are all exposed to on demand entertainment. It is everywhere. This is a good thing. There are podcasts and there is internet radio. Two terms Ric has issues with. Not the technology mind you, but what it is known by the common consumer of such entertainment. It is an uphill battle for sure, but Ric has a few ideas. Also, Ric and Jeff sit down with the Daddy Mack Blues Band. A great conversation and a few tunes as they happened in the Radio Memphis studio.

NEXT WEEK: Under the spell of The Memphis Snake Doctors.


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